Artificial Grass Cost – Facts You Need to Consider

The benefits of artificial grass over real grass are now widespread. More and more people are now getting it installed in their lawns instead of fake grass. It requires less maintenance, is eco-friendly, and durable. However, a common question people have when deciding to get artificial grass installed in their home is whether it will prove cost-effective or not? This question comes into the picture due to the one-time cost they have to incur for buying it and getting it installed. This cost is greater than getting a real grass lawn; hence, many people tend to have some reservations when contemplating the idea to get fake grass or not.
If you also have this question in your mind, all your reservations will be cleared after reading this write-up. Continue reading!
How to Calculate the Cost of Artificial Grass?
The cost of artificial grass depends on numerous factors. Right from the area to be covered with the grass to the quality of grass, every aspect matters when it comes to the cost of synthetic grass. Furthermore, foot traffic on the lawn, where the grass will be installed, must also be considered.
Apart from these, here are some other factors that can help you to ascertain the cost of artificial grass:
Initial Cost
Buying artificial grass only requires you to make a one-time payment. While real grass comes cheaper but it cannot last for a long period of time without proper maintenance and for this purpose, you will have to spend money. On the other hand, after you have spent money on buying and installing fake grass, you will be spared from disturbing your budget time and again for keeping the lawn in a good shape. This factor alone makes artificial grass cost effective.
No Use of Fertilizers
One of the biggest benefits of opting for fake grass is that it doesn’t require the use of costly fertilizers. Real grass requires the use of fertilizers for its maintenance and growth but the same is not the case with fake grass. It can retain its new-like look and appeal without requiring the use of fertilizers. All it requires is to be cleaned regularly to retain its look.
The use of fertilizers can not only burn a hole in your pockets but prove to be harmful to the environment as well. It contains toxins and chemicals that affect our environment adversely. Thus, by opting for fake grass, you will be playing your part in controlling the air pollution.
No Requirement to buy Gardening Tools
For keeping real grass in good shape, you will require the use of particular gardening tools including a shovel, cutters, mowers etc. If the grass is not properly maintained, the overall look of your lawn will be affected, which, in turn, will affect the curb appeal of your home. With artificial grass, there is no such requirement. Since the grass doesn’t grow, you will not be required to use mowers or cutters. With little maintenance and cleaning, you will be able to keep your lawn in good condition. Thus, it can prove to be an effective and inexpensive way to improve the outdoor décor of your home.
Low Maintenance Cost
Maintenance of real grass is a task in itself. As stated above, plenty of products are required to be used for this purpose as well. With real grass, you will have to spend hours on the lawn for its maintenance. In case you are opting for fake grass, you will be spared of all these hassles. Instead, you can surf your money and time on other productive things. Low maintenance cost for fake grass is one of the major reasons why more and more people are now getting it installed in their home.
If synthetic grass comes with a warranty, it can be termed as a cost-effective purchase as if the turf doesn’t work properly, you can contact the manufacturer and claim a refund or free repairs, depending on their warranty policy.
The cost and cost-effectiveness of the artificial grass depend greatly on the company that you are getting it from. Many companies offer artificial grass at lower rates; however, they are made using subpar materials. Due to this reason, they cannot last long and end up losing their sheen and value. On the other hand, if you are getting it from a reputed and reliable company, you can rest assured that it will last for a longer period of time.
A point you need to know here is that the longer artificial grass will last, the more cost-effective it will turn out for you. Thus, it is recommended to get it only from a renowned brand.
There are numerous such brands that offer artificial grass. One of the most reliable ones to get artificial grass from is Lawn World. We take pride in offering the best quality artificial grass from premium quality materials. The use of these materials not only makes the grass durable but eco-friendly as well. Furthermore, it is also safe to be installed in your home even if you have pet dogs. Our grass doesn’t get damaged with scratches from the dog. It can resist the routine wear and tear and still retain its original sheen and look due to its sturdy build.
Our fake grass is said to be most cost-effective since it is reasonably priced and comes with numerous extensive features. It contains no toxins, which is another reason why it has become the top priority for people who want a lawn with artificial grass in their home. Our artificial grass comes with a 15-year long warranty. If it turns faulty during this tenure, all you have to do is to contact us. We will inspect the artificial grass and take the necessary action.
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